Mike Jackson

Peter New

Naim Sutherland

Jean-Denis Rouette

Jeff Tymoschuk

Peter New

Aliza Vellani

Tyler Mitchell

Mel Tuck

Rory Tucker

Avi Glanzer

Roz Young


2017/ 16:00

He never became a real boy... The little wooden puppet just grew up to be a lonely wooden man, trapped in a cage of his own lies.  But one day he meets a woman with secrets online, and together they unravel the truths that trap them both.

Best Performance (Male)

Best Screenwriting

Best Production Design

Best Costumes

Best Sound

WINNER - Best Make-Up



Crazy8s Film Making Competition

Best Dramatic Short and Audience Choice Award,

Sonoma International Film Festival

Best Fantasy/Sci-fi Short, Deep in the Heart Film Festival

Special Jury Prize: International Short Filmmaking

Van Gogh Awards, Amsterdam Film Festival

Special Jury Prize, Mexico International Film Festival

Le Coup de Coeur Jury Prize,

Festival du Film Merveilleux (Paris)

Best Effects, FantaSci Short Film Festival

LEO Awards: Best Make-Up



Mirror Mountain Film Festival, Best Film

LEO Awards: Best Performance (male), Best Screenwriting,

Best Sound, Best Production Design, Best Costumes



Official Selection:

2017 LA Shorts Fest

2017 Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival

2017 Mirror Mountain Film Festival

2018 Deep in the Heart Film Festival

2018 Vancouver Short Film Festival

2018 Short and Sweet Film Festival

2018 Winter Film Awards International Film Festival

2018 Dam Short Film Festival

2018 Sonoma International Film Festival

2018 GeekFest Film Festival  (Touring)

2018 Berlin Lift-Off Online Film Festival

2018 Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival

2018 Phoenix Film Festival

2018 Oakland International Film Festival

2018 International Christian Film Festival

2018 Kansas City FilmFest

2018 Boynton Beach Short Film Festival

2018 Gasparilla International Film Festival

2018 Cleveland International Film Festival

2018 Derby Film Fest (UK)

 2018 Front Range Film Festival

2018 Sci-Fi Fantasy Con Short Film Tour (UK)

2018 Juggernaut Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival

2018 Harlem International Film Festival

2018 Woods Hole Film Festival

2018 Regina International Film Festival

2018 FantaSci Short Film Festival

 2018 Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival

2018 Festival du Film Merveilleux (Paris)




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Steam Powered Films is the production company of director Mike Jackson. It was founded in 1999 with the help of  Sam Dulmage, Peter New and Palle Hoffstein, as a home for their creative works. SPF also provides post-production services including editing, colour correction and visual effects.


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3254 W. 3rd Ave. Vancouver BC V6K 1N4